When moving, the most common things that we lose are our valuables. Even though we do our best to keep it, we still tend to forget some valuables things because of our busy schedule and the many things that are on our minds. House Removals Sydney is indeed a stress full process but we shouldn’t let stress take over or we may lose our valuables.

Packing and Unpacking Sydney is a professional moving company that offers quality house packing and home removals Sydney services. We give our best to help our clients in anyway and right now, we are giving you a list of the valuables that you should always keep with you.

House Removals Sydney Important things to keep during a Move


  • It is common sense to always keep your cash with you but there are people who lose their wallets and credit cards during the House removals Sydney .  That’s why before the moving process begins, separate your cash from your other things to be moved and keep it in a safer place.


  • Keep your jewelries with you. It is one of the most common things being stolen due to its value. So make sure that your jewelries are with you on your car before you proceed with the relocation.

Documents and Important Papers

  • Documents like your birth certificate, passports, credit card statements and other important papers should be kept safe as well. You should keep all documents in a single file or envelope and keep it with your jewelries and cash. It’s as important as they are.


  • You might need your prescriptions when you go to the new clinic so be sure to keep them with you. Put it in a separate envelope but keep it with your documents. You should also label your envelopes.

Electronics and Gadgets

  • Electronics are also target of theft nowadays so it would be wise to keep them with you. You might also need them when there are emergencies, especially your phone.


  • If you find your family heirlooms difficult to carry, have them put in a safety box. Also, keep them with you in your car.

Now that you know the things you need to keep with you always, make your House Removals Sydney easy and safe.

Watch our Video here for more Detailed Information about House Removals Sydney:

After a Long and tiring House Removals Sydney process, we have finally arrived to our new beautiful home filled with fresh opportunities. We may be thinking that after the home removals Sydney processes we’ve been through, we can finally spend the rest of our time relaxing and resting. But before that, there are still more important things to do and things to check. Our responsibilities are not over yet, before we can finally relax, there are still tasks left to do and it would be better to do it sooner than later.

House Removals Sydney , cheap removalists sydney

Due to fatigue and stress, you may already be lost and don’t know which things to do first. But don’t worry, Packing and Unpacking Sydney, your leading House Removals Sydney is always here to assist you in any way we can help.

House Removals Sydney ‘s Things to Check Before Anything Else

Your new Home, Facilities and Utilities

  • First thing first, check the house, the facilities and the utilities to immediately see if there are any things that need repair or be replaced. You’ll be living in your new home now so you have to make sure that everything is functional and safe. If everything is going well, then move on to the next thing you should check.

Appliances and Electronics

  • For your appliances that were part of the House removals Sydney , you should immediately check if there are any damages and if everything is working perfectly. You should also check if your water and electricity. You might need them so see if there are any issues so it can be immediately resolved. Make sure that they are functional. If not, call for emergency plumbing services or the power supplier. If you found your new home lacking with lights, you can also look for the top lighting retailer around Sydney.


  • The next thing to check is your documents. All documents should be present and filed in one folder or envelope so that you won’t lose it. Make sure you have the papers of your new home, moving documents and receipts and other important papers.

Emergency Contacts

  • The last thing you should check, after securing your home, items and documents are your emergency contacts. You don’t know when you might need emergencies so you should prepare and update you contacts immediately. The local police, firemen and even your family.

Now that you have an idea on which of which you should do first after the House removals Sydney , you can start working on it so you’ll have more time to rest after all is done.

If you need House Removals Sydney Services, Packing and Unpacking Sydney will assist you . Contact us now at 0425243676 or request a Moving Quote now!

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