If you would like to move and like to save money, gathering used packing supplies and looking for cheap moving boxes in Sydney can cut back on a significant portion of your moving budget. A lot of moving companies offer bundled packages of new moving boxes at a discounted price; however, their discounted price is often double or triples the cost of buying used moving boxes or discount boxes online.

Where you can find cheap moving boxes :


Cheap Moving Boxes are available from friends and family who recently moved can willingly give you their old boxes instead of throwing them out. Most would prefer to recycle and give old boxes to a friend.

Discounted boxes online

These moving boxes are brand new moving boxes that are discounted at 10% to 25%, a lot cheaper than a new moving box that are being offered by some moving companies. Suppliers are able to offer big discounts to these boxes because they are purchases in bulk from retail dealers. Most discount box suppliers purchase thousands of cheap moving boxes directly from manufacturers and are able to offer discounts to a lower price.

Local retail

stores: If you want very cheap, practically free moving boxes, you may consider used boxes from local retailers in your area. You may check from liquor stores, supermarkets and retail outlets to see if they have used boxes that are still in good condition. These stores are throwing those boxes out. The important things to consider here is for you to inspect the quality and durability of the boxes beforehand.


You might want to try searching through Craigslist, a centralized network of communities which features online advertisements. Just customize your search by finding the advertisement postings in your state.

Now, you already have an idea where to find the cheapest moving boxes in Sydney, but as you decide between new, discounted and used boxes, it is best to determine whether you are looking for price over quality.

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