A lot of people panic when moving from a bigger home to a small one. They think of how overflowing their stuffs already are in the big house and how much more it would be in a smaller one. Well this worry… shouldn’t really be. In reality, our stuffs only look overflowing with things because it’s cluttered. Well, if you disagree, try answering these Cheap Removalist Sydney questions and decide if downsizing is still impossible… or superbly simple.

Cheap Removalist Sydney 10 Questions when Downsizing

Question 1: How many people lives in the house?

  • Well, you might be living alone or living with 6 more family members. No matter how many you are, I bet that most of you have at least twice or thrice the necessary amount of plates, cups, spoons and forks in your kitchen.Not just kitchen stuffs, most houses just keep too much stuff for its residents.

Question 2: Do you need a library?

  • You don’t? Then for what purpose are you keeping all those book that you wouldn’t read again anyway? Oh, and how about those books and magazines that you don’t even know are there because you’ve never touched them?

Question 3: How do you exercise?

  • Most people would answer the common time and busybody excuses for this question. Yet most people have treadmills and workout stuffs at sitting at home collecting cobwebs.

Question 4: Are your furniture big enough for you?

  • Ever felt that your bed is too big for you? Well that’s because it is! Most of us love to buy large things thinking it’s more practical and sure when considering future possibilities: bed, sofa, chair, table, cabinets, shoe racks, and etc. Well there’s a difference between being sure about future possibilities… and not considering the present realities.

Question 5: How often do you have visitors?

  • One of the reasons people buy too much stuffs especially for their kitchen is because of the possibility of having visitors. It’s not bad to add a few things but don’t over-do it like you’ll always have a party. You may buy paper plates and plastic cups in case, you know.

Question 6: How big is your garage?

  • When was the last time you saw your garage as spacious as it really is? Admit it or not, we put lots of stuff in packing moving boxes and set it aside in the garage thinking that we might use them in the future but we never do.

Question 7: What percentage of your stuff do you actually use?

  • Here’s a good question. With the great number of stuffs inside your house, do you even use have of them?

Question 8: Do they still have value?

  • One good reason of holding on to some things even though they’re not used is because they are valuable. That reason, however, is only good for antiques that you would need to always take care of. On the other hand, electronics and other stuff only lessen in value while you hold on to it especially if they won’t work or doesn’t look nice anymore after a while because you don’t take care of them anyway.

Question 9: Do you really care about your stuff?

  • Sentimental value is only good if you really care about the stuff itself. If you don’t, then it would be more appreciated if you find someone else who does.

Question 10: Ever heard of “letting go”?

  • Things won’t stay pretty and fully working forever. Instead of thinking you should still keep it for the future; you should just consider about selling or giving them away right away especially if you don’t see yourself using it in the near future.

Now do you see how cluttered your home is? You can easily fit your stuff in a smaller house if you only consider those that you would actually use. You can also barter or sell your large furniture to get a smaller and more practical one. This way, you would also end up appreciating your house more for having little things that have great uses. So what are you waiting for? Grab some packing moving boxes from the leading Cheap Removalist Sydney and start getting rid of those excess baggage!


Moving can be a tedious job for you if you are moving alone and on a tight schedule.Undeniably, moving can be one of the most stressful events that you will have to go through and you might need Cheap Removalist Sydney . Nevertheless, if you planned everything about your relocation then expect a successful and easy home removals.

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Cheap Removalist Sydney hassle free moving tips:

Don’t plan your move on a Friday.

  • Yes, weekend can be the best time to start working for your big moving day but consider that it can be the worst day of the week to move your boxes. For example, if you do the money transactions on a Friday then expect that everything will be processed on the next Monday. Also, Friday is a famous day for movers so try not to compete with others on this peak day.

Choosing your removal company is also crucial in achieving a stress free moving.

  • Packing and Unpacking Sydney for example has years of experience, track record, competitive and affordable pricing, and offers quality services. So choose companies that can meet your moving requirements at reasonable rates.

Be smart with your household policy.

  • Make sure that your valuables being insured are not covered in your household policy. Most of the time, some belongings are already covered so all you have to do is re-read.

Be organized and work with a system.

  • Make a list of everything that you should do and make a list of all your items to be moved. Send a copy of your inventory list to your removals company so that they can also have an idea on the volume of things to be moved.

As soon as you know that you are moving then pack your items in advance.

  • You can request your moving company to pack everything for you depending on your budget and time table.

You can also get your packing materials from Packing and Unpacking | Cheap Removalist Sydney for their durable boxes. We can even deliver the packing materials at your doorstep. In case you choose to take the boxes from other sources then make sure that your cartons are strong enough to carry and secure your items during transit.

Moving should never be underestimated because it entails a lot of preparatory activities and every smallest detail counts. Forgetting to use a sturdy packing tape to seal your box can already ruin the whole moving event most especially when a valuable item gets broken along the way.

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Packing and Unpacking | Cheap Removalist Sydney is a professional removalist company but we also do home organization and house cleaning services. And since we have been in the industry for quite some time already, we have gained experience in giving quality services, one of which is our expertise in home organization.

Cheap Removalist Sydney Home Organizing Tips

An effective home organization can be affected by a lot of factors.

 Great Quality Packing

  • If you have done great quality packing with your items, then unpacking them will also be easier. For example, if you labeled you boxes with the items in it, then you can immediately unpack the items to the room where it belongs.


  • If you have little time, because maybe you need to go to work, then home organization may be difficult. Time management is tough, combined with home organization, it would be insane! Doing home organization in a short time, it would be not as effective as doing it with more time.


  • If you have a lot of helpers, then organizing your home will be easier. You can ask your family or friends to help you out. Working together will make organizing fast and easy.

 Area of your new home

  • If you have a wider home, organizing could take a longer time and more effort. You might need help from professionals. Asking for their help would cost you a little but it would be a great help since you can use your time to do more important things.

 Number of items

  • Having a lot of items, furniture, appliances, etc. would require more help, more time and m ore effort. You can also ask professional help to ease the stress.

Always be prepared and be proactive to achieve an easy, fun and stress free home or office relocation. Ask help from Cheap Removalist Sydney and contact us at 0425 243 676.

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