Okay, so you carefully organized and packed your things. You’re done with House Cleaning Sydney of the old house. Next you got your things moved then unloaded to your new home by Sydney removalists. You’re supposed to be happy. It’s a new house, a new life, but admit it… you have GOT to be a little stressed, if not pissed or even frustrated. You have been busy enough the past days and now, your new home is fully packed with boxes! Securely sealed boxes with things that you spent a lot of time to carefully pack which now, you have to unpack again. You can’t even hire a removalists in Sydney for their unpacking service. Oh, life. You better get moving then…

As stressing as it seems, unpacking those boxes is actually simple.

Packing and Unpacking | House Cleaning Sydney ‘s Thoughts for a Better Unpacking

Helpful Thought #1: You CAN unpack just one box at a time

  • Those boxes are not going anywhere. You don’t have to feel like you need to unpack them all at once. Just take your time to unpack one box and fixing all its contents carefully before moving to the next one.

Helpful Thought #2: You don’t need everything immediately.

  • There’s a reason why one of the top tips House Cleaning Sydney gives about packing is to separate the essential things or those that you use everyday. It’s to make unpacking it easier.You only have to unpack the things you’ll need for the next few days on the 1st day then you can leave the others for the mean time and get back on them the next days.

Helpful Thought #3: You DO have a place of storage, don’t you?

  • If you feel claustrophobic or stressed looking at all those unopened boxes just lying there, you can just move them inside another room, up in the attic, down the basement, or anywhere else where you won’t see it. You can actually let your hired Sydney removalists send it there directly after your things came. Then you can start working on cleaning up and making your place pretty. On the process, you may start bringing out your decorative and comfort items: curtains, pillows, rugs, vases, etc.

Now tell me that it didn’t seem easy. Yes, this packing and unpacking service thoughts are plain and simple but, truth be told, they’re all you need. You just have to relax and enjoy unpacking each item and, little by little, filling your new home.

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So are you ready to move? You already hired a company that would assist you when moving, but have you prepared your stuff? Just because you hired a company to help you move, does not mean that they will do everything for you. There are still things you can do to make everything easier. Sydney Removals | House Cleaning Sydney want to make moving easier and faster, and we want to strengthen the bond and partnership between the company and the client.

House Cleaning Sydney is here to help you, and even more, we are here to teach you some necessary measures you can do before, during, and after moving.

House Cleaning Sydney Provider’s To Do’s Before, During and After Moving

Before moving.

  • Prepare your stuff.
  • Look for cheaper boxes.
  • Create a list of your inventory.
  • Label your boxes.
  • Make sure you packed your valuables first.
  • Take photos of your items; this can be used to check the condition after moving.
  • Ask assistance from friends or family.
  • Check the papers and documentation of the company.
  • Notify the company if there are changes of plans.
  • Ask and take note about the date when the company will arrive.
  • Do a double or triple check.
  • Make sure everything is packed nicely.

While Moving.

  • Communicate with the movers.
  • Tell the movers if there are stuff you want to be given special care.

After Moving.

  • Make sure all your packages arrived safely.
  • Unpack one box at a time.
  • Unpack the necessary items first.
  • Check your new house.
  • Check if the electricity and water are working properly.
  • Update your emergency contacts.
  • Check your valuables if there are any damage so you can immediately call the company.
  • Place your packages to one place.

With this tips, moving will sure be easier than it should. If you have more measures you want to add, then do so! Just make sure that it will make everything easier.

House Cleaning Sydney is a professional company that wants the best for their customers. But the best can only be achieved by working together. So let us make a stronger bond and let us make moving faster and easier. You can also share your comments and suggestions to us.

house cleaning sydney

Before moving, we still have lots of things to like cleaning our appliances and the whole house. It would make it easy for us to move if everything was in order. So we should clean our appliances and even the rooms of the house so that we wouldn’t have to go back again in our old home and do the cleaning. But if you need Professional House Cleaning Services Sydney, Packing and Unpacking Sydney will help you.

Packing and Unpacking Sydney is a leading removalists in Sydney. We have been in the industry for many years and our years of experience allowed us to be one of the leading moving organizations of today. We also provide fast, cheap and quality house cleaning Sydney and right now, we are going to give you tips on easier and faster house cleaning before your move.

Packing and Unpacking Tips for House Cleaning Sydney :


  • When cleaning the refrigerator, first you have to empty it then defrost the freezer. Clean all the shelves from top to bottom. Make sure that there are no puddles of waters left.

Kitchen Appliances and Sinks

  • The only problem with your kitchen appliances and skinks are grease and food residue. You can use your dishwasher to clean these areas and make sure to leave no residues. You should also wipe down your kitchen cabinets and check if you have left something behind.


  • Don’t forget to clean the stoves and around the burners as well.

Bathroom Scrub

  • Don’t leave your bathroom dirty. Wash the sinks, toilet and showers and leave no residues.


  • Wash the walls. Check for any scuffs, stains or smudges. Use detergents to clean them, or if you think water is enough then use water.


  • Wash the windows as well. Clean and clear windows will give a good and bright natural light inside the house.
  • Light Fixtures, Blinds and other things and surfaces should also be dusted off.

Dust Other Areas and Things

Lastly, The Floor

  • After cleaning most things and areas on the home, the last things to clean are the floors. Sweeping or using the vacuum will do the job.


If you need help with any moving and House Cleaning Sydney processes, Call Packing and Unpacking | House Cleaning Sydney at  0425243676 to help you.

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