Leading Sydney Removals applies a holistic approach in making your home removals a successful one. The company provides complete services from packing, unpacking and even cleaning your new home to make sure that we leave you all set and ready to embrace your brand new space.

Leading Sydney Removals is ready to help you when you have a tight schedule from work that you can’t find time to do the unpacking. Also, if you did the packing and you find yourself so overwhelmed to do another set of unpacking.

Unpacking services offered by Leading Sydney Removals :

  • Unpacking of all your boxes. Don’t let your boxes sit for many months at home without unpacking it, sometimes when you plan to schedule it “tomorrow” then the tomorrow you set never comes most especially if you are busy at work.
  • Unwrapping of all your items and preparing a list of everything.
  • We provide extra cleaning services that you will need such the cleaning of shelves, cupboards, cabinets, etc.
  • Setting up the house from the kitchen drawers, cupboards and linen closets.
  • Furniture arrangement such as assembling of the beds and tables.
  • Unpacking of clothes and bed preparation.
  • Cleaning after the unpacking such as the collection of boxes, packing materials and all the debris left from the moving.
  • The company’s services are flexible that you can design on what specific services you need. Pricing is also affordable and the cost depends on the size of your home and your desired time table. We can do the unpacking for a day but if you request to get the job done in half a day then we’ll be happy to assist you.

Moving is a physically exhausting moment, hence, we aim that you can at least rest on your first few days at your new home. If things are left unpacked for days then you’ll never feel that you are in a brand new location. Hence, you badly need the assistance of a moving company to free yourself from the physical and emotional challenges of the relocation. It’s actually a big relief to have unpacking service in moments like this.

Leading Sydney Removals is composed of staff members who are trained and professional organizers. Our years of experience from the moving industry enabled us to unpack and organize households in a professional way. We can also design solutions to problems that you may encounter once you are moved in. We also make sure that your specifications as to how we organize your things are followed.

Moving can be very stressful but you can reduce both the stress and hassle by following this checklist for your next move that we provided just for you.

Leading Sydney Removals Complete Checklist for Moving

leading sydney removals


  • Create a list of the items you’re going to move in order for you to keep track of them and not lose any of your belongings.

Take Photos

  • This is to make sure that your belongings are in good condition before the move. It also helps you to know if the movers damaged any of your items while relocating.

Keep importance papers with you.

  • Don’t leave these items with the movers to move. You should be the one to keep them and take with you.
  • Before the day of your move, go around your house for a final check to ensure that you won’t leave anything important behind

Inform your friends and relatives on the day of your move.

  • Give the professional movers a copy of your emergency contact details and of course, the direction of your new house
  • Make sure that you’ve packed and brought your own essentials and toiletries in an easy to access bag or container.
  • Make sure that you or at least one family member stays until the movers finished packing.

Packing and Unpacking Service | Leading Sydney Removals understands that main reason why services providers like us are hired is because customers are avoiding additional stress factors that come with relocating. We know that each move – no matter the reason – is a huge event in your lives and you would like to enjoy it as much as possible. We want the same for you, that is why we are here and that is why we continuously strive to deliver the highest service quality that each of our customers deserve.

For your packing and unpacking needs, please feel free to give us a call. Packing and Unpacking Sydney | Leading Sydney Removals would love to be of assistance.


Let the Leading Sydney Removals do the dirty works of unpacking so that you can find time to sit, feel, and relax in your new surroundings! Contact us now at 0425 243 676.


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