Take the massive amount of work and stress away from you and let our team of professionals handle the job of packing and unpacking of your belongings, as well as of organizing your new home. This is why we offer Packing Services Sydney. 

While your removalist can provide full packing services, transit insurance, storage and packing supplies, if you are not moving with one of our removalist partners , our professionally-trained staff at Packing and Unpacking Sydney can pack up your home in just one day. If you are doing it all by yourself, you can still rely on our help to pack your breakable and precious items.

Significantly reduce the risks of damage caused by incorrect packing and gain peace of mind by hiring our team of skilled and professional house packer. Your items are also insured with us for the duration of the move.

Request for a full packing service quote now and save time and energy for the more significant aspects of your relocation.

Packing Services Sydney

House Packing Services Sydney to Fit Your Requirements

We fully understand that different customers have different requirements when it comes to moving homes. Some are happy to pack their homes themselves and leave the heavier items to the care of removalists. However, there are many customers who simply do not have the time or the inclination to do it by themselves, which is why we are in this industry.

Our services packages are tailored to suit every individual’s packing and moving needs.  Working closely with our customers, we determine their requirements and discuss it with them to ensure that we can deliver according to their specification.

Owner-Packed Move

If you are packing your own items, you have to ensure that the packing has been completed even before the movers arrive to avoid delays. If this requirement is not met and the movers arrived with items still unpacked, stress levels rise because you rush around especially when you realize that your hired movers are working efficiently. Rushing coupled with panic may result to poorly wrapped items which may get broken during transit. Additionally, owner-packed items cannot be insured so if damage occurs during the move, you cannot make a claim against the moving company. Hence, why risk it?

Fragile Packing Service

Leave fragile and valuable items for us to pack and ensure the safety and security of your most prized possessions. This is our most popular packing service level because of the high risks of damage eliminated on particular items that may have almost cost you a fortune or have sentimental value, thanks to our commitment of security and insurance.

Packing Services Sydney

Full Packing Service

We understand that there are some of us who do not have the time, energy or even the inclination to pack homes themselves. Perhaps they are busy juggling hundreds of things are the same time – job or business, family, social life and so on. Or, perhaps they simply want to avoid disruptions from their everyday routine.

Worry no more for our full packing service is designed for you! Depending on how much you need to pack, our friendly and service-oriented team of packers will arrive either on the morning of your move for small local moves or the day before for long distance or larger house moves and they will take care of everything, down to the nitty gritty detail of packing.

We provide all the materials required including the labels and all you need to do is explain to us where the items are going in your new home.

Quite simply, there is no need for you to lift a finger!

Premier Full Packing and Unpacking Service

Not only are we providing you with full packing service, we also will be managing the unpacking and disposing of the packing materials upon arrival in your new home. 

This top level service is claused with conditions. Whilst unpacking your items, they will be unwrapped and placed on a flat surface and the team cannot place them on cupboards. Should there be insufficient space, the boxes will be opened and the contents checked while waiting for space to be emptied onto a flat surface.

Depending on how many professionals are required to unpack, our unpacking service is charged on an hourly rate.

Packing Services Sydney


We understand that moving can be expensive and incidentals may happen such as miscalculation of moving cost and overlooked purchase needs. In our desire to assist moving families and businesses to cut down on their costs and to reduce the stress accompanied with relocations, we have designed packages to assist you even in your packing materials needs.

Our Box Loan Service is tailored to suit customers moving into  Sydney and surrounding areas. Purchase your materials from us and get a refund on returned boxes. We offer a 50% refund for boxes delivered straight to our warehouse and a 25% refund for boxes we collect from your home.

If you are not sure which of our service packages is right for you, feel free to give us a call and our Service Coordinators will be more than happy to give you advice.


We put a high premium on our customers by understanding their needs and by valuing the very same things that they value when they are moving.  We know the level of trust that you give us once you hire our services and for some people, this is a difficult thing to come by that is why we hire reliable, trustworthy professional packers to ensure the safety of your prized possessions. Whether your items have significant financial value or sentimental value, we would like you to know that they will be looked after from the time they are collected up to the time they are placed in your new home.

At Packing and Unpacking Services Sydney, we take the responsibility of looking after your belongings very seriously.