Pre Pack

Have your home packed in just one day by our team of professional and efficient moving services experts.  In the event that you decide to do the packing by yourself, we can also offer our expertise in packing certain rooms only such as the kitchen where there are far more breakable items than in any other rooms, or precious items and family heirlooms.

We carefully, meticulously and securely package and label your personal belongings with precision and detail whilst our partner removalist, Superior Removals Sydney, will take care of the wrapping and packing of major items such as furniture and whitewoods.

You have the liberty to structure your packing service according to your need. You may simply choose to leave it all up to us while you relax and enjoy the adventure of relocating  or you may choose to supervise the pack and have our professional staff assist you.

Our packing services are available all over Sydney 7 days a week.

Post Pack

Packing and Unpacking Services Sydney arrives in your new home right after the removalists have unloaded the boxes to turn your chaotic, carton-filled home into a comfortable, livable and immaculately organized home in just one day.

You can choose to supervise the whole process or go ahead and explore your new neighborhood with your family while our team of experts efficiently work around your new home.

Our post packing services include the following:

  1. Cupboards, shelves and bench tops wiped clean
  2. Cartons unpacked and contents placed into cupboards
  3. Kitchen setup with crockery, appliances and cooking items
  4. Food supplies placed into the pantry and refrigerator
  5. Bedrooms set up with beds freshly made
  6. Clothing folded into drawers and hung in wardrobes
  7. Linen and towels sorted and colour coordinated
  8. Books neatly arranged onto bookshelves
  9. Crystal, silverware and valuables placed into wall units
  10. Children’s play areas organised
  11. Laundry and bathroom areas organised
  12. Empty cartons stacked and made ready for collection or taken away